Packing up your items, wrapping them up in bubble wrap, boxing them up–that’s the easy part. Well, maybe not entirely easy, but those are the first things that people think of come moving day, and they are pretty straightforward and easy to remember. However, there are other equally important tasks that are crucial to ensuring comfort and safety in your new home.

Change all the locks. Think of all the people that have had access to your home before you moved in. There is simply no way for you to tell whether or not copies of your keys are still out there. Don’t take the risk of finding out the hard way. The first priority is to get new locks for every door leading to the outside. After you have settled in, you can begin changing all the locks in the interior rooms as well.

Consider installing a closet system. If you have been struggling with your cramped closet for years, now is the time to get it right. Getting your closet organized right after you move in will help ease your transition in your new home. There is simply no substitute for knowing everything is exactly where you want it and a well designed closet system provides just that.

It would be best to have such a system installed before you move in. This way, you can simply unpack your boxes and organize your closet as you go. The alternative is living out of your luggage for a few days while the system is installed, which you definitely don’t want to have to deal with after a big move.

Get your electricity and plumbing in order. A lot of first-time movers mistakenly assume that things will be set up pretty much the same way in the new home as it was back at the previous one. However, chances are that you may have to make some modifications to the electrical system and/or to the plumbing in order to accommodate your needs and preferences. You may be running a lot of power tools frequently for instance, so you may need electrical system that can handle a bigger load.

You may also need additional outlets or faucets at specific areas around your home. This is especially helpful if you plan on doing a lot of gardening or simply want to wash your car more conveniently. All these tasks are better dealt with before you move in; they will simply be much easier to do without all the movers and furniture getting in the way. Think of it as “customizing” your home. The end result should be a home that is designed around your needs and comfort.

Finally, look into the suitability of the garage for your needs. Does it have enough space for one or both of your cars, or are you better off using it as a storage space or additional room? Your decision will affect your day to day life after you have moved in so take the time to plan out your garage space carefully.

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